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If this past weekend had a soundtrack, the first song would probably have been "In the Summertime." It was that kind of weekend.

It's weird though, because weekends like that... all fun and good, make it so hard to return to work (that's not the weird part) and make me wish that we could just pack up our lives and go somewhere else (that is). I don't know why.

Anyway, there is so much I want to share right now! First something random from last week. My brother is nearing the end of his senior year and is doing all that fun senior stuff they do. At my high school they have a competition for senior guys called Mr. Northwestern. My brother decided to enter with some of his friends, just for fun... and he won! :-)

His talent was martial arts, and he wore a zoot suit (though in all the above pictures he doesn't have the jacket on, so its hard to tell). I'm so proud. Lol.

Anyway, on to the actual weekend. Friday I got to leave work a bit early... and stopped on my way out to grab coffee with my friend, Nick. Then I had a leisurely walk to train station, under a beautiful sunny sky, with stops at two stores... and still got an earlier train home. Once there I gave Trav his presents (the complete DVD collection of the Planet Earth series, some socks/underwear/undershirts which sounds boring but he loved), then we ate a quick dinner, and headed to the local fair! I forgot it was going on, but Trav suggested we hit it up and we had a great time doing so. We only rode one ride (the "Himalaya"... which I always knew as the music house ride because they blast music on it...), but we had fun walking around. We also had fun eating fair foods... Trav got a blue sno-cone and I got fried oreos. Then we picked up some cotton candy on our way out to take home.

Saturday was fairly lazy (though I feel like I'm forgetting something we did). We went grocery shopping and Trav grilled some ribs. Then that evening I ran out to the mall for Lauren's gift and a stop at the craft store for necklace stuff. I have a jade stone necklace from my grandma that I love wearing, but don't love the chain... it would, however, look amazing on a black cord. So I stopped at Michael's to get a black cord, necklace ends, and a clasp.

Sunday was Lauren's graduation party. My hoser has worked her ass off for three years, but she is officially a law school graduate now!

The hard work isn't over, as she is studying full time right now for the bar in July... but Sunday was her day to cut loose and relax with people she loves. We had a great time seeing my hoser, Ro & Pat, Hannah & Jeremy, and a few other friends. GG charmed everyone there, which was very hard work:

After that we headed home, where Ro & Pat stopped by... I went home with Ro, and Pat stayed at our place. It was nice. I know the boys definitely enjoyed their night to cut loose! Ro & I had fun getting to talk and relax... and I got to enjoy a hardy thunderstorm right when we headed to bed.

My brother Ethan also had a fun night... at prom!

They has some fun with their pictures...

A lot of fun... :-)

I actually got a little wistful looking at these! For my own prom days.
So I found this:
It's a scan of an old photo, so not the best pic even... but you get the idea. :-)

Monday we slept in until about 8, then Ro & I decided to go walking. The boys were waiting for us at Ro & Pat's place when we returned, where they grilled us up some sausages and steaks for lunch. After that we headed back home where Trav mowed, then we grilled again for dinner. Burgers and dogs this time. There is nothing like grilling on Memorial day to make it really feel like summer (though technically its not summer for almost another month).

And I would be remiss to talk about Memorial day without saying a big Thank You to all our vets! Especially those that lost their lives defending our country. I can express my gratitude enough... I'm free because of your sacrifices. Thank you.

Daisy was also thrilled to have Monday roll around. It's been 10 days since her procedure and she was looking so good, and her incision site was look like it was nicely healed, so we dropped her restrictions and let her out into the yard sans leash. She was the happiest pup! She didn't even run around that long, but flopped onto the grass with a stick to chew on...

Back inside she had a little wrestle with Trav... hard to tell who won!

That evening was blustery and we were sure that a storm was coming. They were calling for it, and it felt like a sure thing, but it never materialized!

Tuesday, obviously I was back to work. It was cold... barely 60* out, and windy windy windy. I was actually quite cold in the morning taking the pup out, which was novel. We are letting her out without the leash more and more, letting her run again... she loves every second of it, which made it harder Tuesday morning to get her back inside! But she was sweet, and the morning was good. At work though, I spent my time trying to feel on top of things while my stomach was in knots waiting to hear about Jan. I was positive that everything was going to be fine, but that waiting things is so damn hard.

But she is fine. The surgury went well, and while she is in a bit of pain right now... they say that she slept soundly last night and should hopefully be feeling better today.

As for today, well its another rainy one... but at least a little bit warmer. My computer has been giving me a lot of trouble this morning, which led to me cleaning up my browsers (deleting old links, clearing cache, etc) and my other files. It really put me in the mood to clean out in other areas! I actually want to go home just so I can clean out the house some! But for now, I'm just going to run and get more work done. I've been keeping plenty busy with Jan out... just trying to take care of whatever odds and ends I can for her, to make her life easier when she does return.

So, on that note... off I go!

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