What's better then a Friday? I'll tell you what... a SUNNY Friday where you only have to work a half day! :-) In the interest of getting lots of work done on my short day, a very quicky one with bullets to follow:
  • Long, long day yesterday... working until 8:30 last night. But everything went well and I left to a beautiful clear evening, feeling productive and peaceful.
  • Jan is down 8 lbs! Go Jan Go! (2 weeks, 4 days to surgery.)
  • Spent a leisurely morning sleeping in, actually eating breakfast before I left the house, then reading outside while my puppy frolicked in the beautiful sun (sun! for the first time in a week or so!). Can't tell you how nice it was! I wish every morning was so relaxing.
More exciting things to follow after this weekend. Have a great one!!

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