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I slept like I was dead last night... we all did! The weekend was great, but tiring. I have to type fast... because we have a big event for most of the day today and I have so much to do around it, but I really wanted to put something up about the weekend.

Daisy got to play with other dogs for the first time (since leaving her litter) this weekend! She has met other dogs, and "plays" with our neighbor's dog through the fence, but this is the first time she's actually played with a dog without a barrier. She LOVED it!! Our neighbor Joe's niece came to visit them with her Pug puppy. They were sniffing each other through the fence and we decided to let them play. Joe passed the pug over the fence and away they went.

They got along so well! And for a little guy, the pug stuck up for himself no problem... in fact, he gave Daisy a run for her money! :-)

I got this very short video:

They ran, chased, nipped, wrestled, and laid around together for about an hour. When the niece was leaving I brought Daisy inside, and she did this for the next hour:

(She loves the cool linoleum on warm days... and Saturday was definitely very warm! In the 80s with a hot, hot sun.)
She was a content pup!

That night Pat (of Ro & Pat) swung by and picked me up to go shopping. He needed some help finding a good Mother's Day present for Ro. Her grandmother has sent her a necklace with GG's birthstone on it, which had been Pat's original plan. So I helped him find her a nice locket. Then we stopped for ice cream on the way back to my place.

The next day was Mother's Day. The three of us headed up to my parents place for a visit for that and my dad's birthday (Wednesday). Ethan and I got him the set of free weights he wanted, and I made him something creative myself (see post on his actual birthday).

Daisy got her second puppy playdate experience:

She and Lady had a great time, although we definitely had to corral them a bit to keep then from playing my parent's house into ruin!!

We could barely keep them apart... even for thirty seconds to take a few pictures!

Lady was beat... she's not a puppy anymore. But Daisy was bushed too by the end of the day.

We headed home after dinner and Daisy fought sleep for the first part of the ride, then snoozed off and on for the second part. When we got home she immediately collapsed on the living room floor and didn't move until bedtime!

We had washed all our sheets that morning, and taken our comforter up to my parents to see if it would fit in their frontloading washer. It didn't, but we hung it out on the line for the duration of our visit to at least give it a good airing out. I packed it up in a garbage bag to take it back home. When we got home, I took it upstairs to put back on the bed... and kept catching whiffs of something lovely smelling. I couldn't figure out what it was until I stuck my head closer to the comforter. It smells faintly of lilacs now!! My parent's have a big lilac bush in their back yard and the wind had blown the scent throughout our cover. So nice! Have to love that beautiful smell of the country.

Well, I have to rush off now to get all my various tasks done, and try to squeeze in some lunch at some point... but I hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!!!


  1. Are you going to enroll Daisy in obedience training? I was surprised that you said that she hasn't played with other dogs..socialization is very important! You can always take her to a dog park, to meet other dogs...It is easier when you start them from a young age, so you should start soon!

  2. We are planning to enroll her in obedience training, just have to find the session that we can actually do.

    I know socialization is important. She was raised with other dogs until about three months, and she is around other dogs daily. She just hasn't gotten the opportunity to be let loose in the same yard.

    Its hard because 1) we don't really have any dog parks or similar near us... we'd have to drive her into the city to get to one. And 2) until she is spayed this weekend, I don't really feel comfortable just letting her loose near dogs I don't know.


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