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This has been some kind of week... its been off. Not bad, just off. Monday's event was hectic, and many things went wrong. They all got fixed in the end, but it was a pain. At least the day flew! Tuesday I was running around like I'd lost my head, forgetting my rings in the morning and various things I was working on during the day. I was happy for the day to be over! Wednesday was actually normal... and I met up with my "breast-friend" & 3-day walk buddy Katie to walk for the first time since last October or November! It was great to see her and catch up. I don't know how far we walked, but it felt good. Thursday was rainy and cool... on of those damp days that makes you wish you could stay at home, curl up on the couch in a hoodie (with your puppy of course), and read the day away. Specifically I wanted to read Harry Potter. This morning Trav dropped Daisy off at the Vet's where she will be overnight to get spayed and microchiped. I can't stop thinking about our little girl and I hope everything goes fine, and that she's not uncomfortable. :-( I don't want to think about that right now, though I'll tell you how everything turned out later. As for tonight, my coworker Tally's bachelorette party is this evening... and it should be a lot of fun! More about that later too.

Speaking of Harry Potter: I just starting rereading the series for what must be the 7th time now (in preparation for the movie), and I'm just as excited to dive into them now as I was the first time. I love the things one can tell about themselves by looking at what they read. For me, its the belief that everyone needs some magic in their life. A belief in bold and extreme possibilities. I think its the same reason I love the X-files so much... I want to believe. I want the impossible to be real.

I cannot wait for the movie! And I'm so glad that in the meantime I get to dive back into this magical world through the books.

On a random weather related note: I'm so excited that its already mid-May and we're still enjoying springy weather. Some years we get here and its already in the high 80s - 90s everyday. I'm enjoying the 70s... especially since I know those higher temps will be coming around in a few weeks and then I'll be begging for autumn to get here!

Well, I have to get some work done... but have a great weekend!!

Ps. Check out this video... Time-Lapse Across China... its only a few minutes long, but its neat, chronicling a man's journey across China.

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