festivous weekend

What a weekend! Friday evening was Tally's bachelorette party. I did myself up a bit for it:

The actual party was great! Tally's friends are so nice, we all hit it off. First we did mani's and/or pedi's at Tally's apartment:

(Tally, the bride-to-be, is on the right:)

My nails all painted up... its a really pretty bluish purple, more purple in person then it looks in this picture:

After the pampering, we hung out at Tally's for a while... eating and drinking, listening to music and doing some dancing.

Then we headed to L'Etage, a club in Old City for some more drinking and dancing. It was a ton of fun.

(We adopted a random guy and made him take pictures with us. But we also bought him a shot.)

I left the club around quarter of midnight, not even thinking about how far the train station was. I ended up just missing my 12:05 train home. The last train home of the evening! So I spent the night at Tally's. Not how I expected to end the night, but what a great night it was anyway. So fun to just relax, have some drinks, and cut loose with some fun girls!

Saturday morning I awoke bright and early at 6:30, completely parched. By the time I drank a glass of water I was completely awake. So I dressed quietly, got all my stuff together, and headed to the train station (with a stop over at Dunkin for a bagel and hot chocolate) for a 7:20 train home. I wasn't sure if Trav would be enjoying the chance to sleep in, so I walked from the train station home. It wasn't bad except that I was wearing new sandals and they had broken my feet in a bit the night before (vs. the other way around) during my trek towards the train station... so the mile home was a bit painful. I have a bruise and 4 or 5 blisters between my two feet. Totally worth it though, what a fun night. :-)

Trav and I relaxed for the rest of the morning... watched Marley & Me, which was a great film... though certain parts were hard for me to watch. Around 1 we headed to the vet to grab Daisy.
Some pictures. Daisy before... her new favorite place to lounge:

The morning of, heading out with daddy:

After we picked her up... post-surgery (you can just see the shaved patch):

(She's eating an ice cube... she loves them! A great treat to give her too... nothing artificial in those!) She did great. They closed her up with surgical glue instead of stitches, so she doesn't have to go back. She has to take it easy for 10 - 14 days, then she can be back to normal. So that means no running or jumping... all of her trips outside have to be short and on a leash. She's been good about it so far, I think she's still a bit tender, so she's taking it easy anyway. But I'm sure she's going to get restless with the no rough housing by the end of the two weeks.
She's our little champ though, and I can't wait until she is all healed up and back to normal.

Oh, and our "little girl" is now 50.2 lbs!!! Lol, what a monster!

Speaking of surgery. Jan's original goal was to lose 10 lbs by her surgery, which is next Tuesday (the 26th). Well, on Thursday she got weighed for her pre-admissions testing and had lost another 3 lbs... putting her at 11 total so far! Go Jan!

Sunday was another lazy day for the most part. I did go out at 1 to meet Ro to do our walk, but otherwise laundry was the most taxing part of our day! We wanted this weekend to be a total "take it easy" weekend so that we could be around for Daisy. It was really nice to just relax. Especially since next weekend is going to be busier. Trav's birthday, plus Lauren (hoser)'s graduation party. At least its a three-day weekend.

As for now. Time for me to get some work done!

Ps. Check out this neat slideshow about a man and his bear! :-) Very neat.

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