the may birthdays begin!

I can't believe its really May (month of a thousand birthdays), and while its rainy and chilly today (58* high), I know summer is just around the corner. The leaves, which were just little budding greens what seems like the other day, are now full, beautiful, and plentifully bright green. Our back yard is actually shaded by them now (or would be if the sun came out!), as opposed to just recently when the little leaves let through more sun then they blocked. I try to really look around and take it all in on a daily basis, but I guess I don't as well as I mean to and am still surprised when it seems like time, measured in natures terms, is flying by.

As for the weekend, well it was a great one. Too fast as always, but with the right combo of relaxation and fun events. This weekend was Rochelle's birthday (post below), and we spent the whole weekend doing things for that. Saturday Trav watched the hockey game (the first round of playoffs his team and my team played, his won... this second round of playoffs his team and my DC family's team are playing), and we played with the pup. I finished off A Thousand Splendid Suns, which was an amazing book. Khaled Hosseini has a real gift for expressing the fears and troubles of his native country, while still convaying the hope and joys of their lives. I've read both of his books and I found ATSS easier to get through then The Kite Runner. Both are excellent, but ATSS was my favorite. But read both! Please! You won't regret it.

Anyway, after the game we headed over to Ro & Pat's to share in Ro's birthday dinner of steak and potatoes. Pat had also purchased a cute cake that said, "Happy Birthday Ro" on top... and a pie and some ice cream! I guess he wanted all his bases covered! ;-) We actually did the dorky thing and sang Happy Birthday, then Ro blew out her candle.

And you know I can't go to Ro & Pat's without coming away with some GG pictures:

(Why is it that my favorite picture in the bunch, is always the one that comes out fuzzy?)

I can't believe the cutie is almost 3 months old already! How time flies.

Sunday was another rainy day, but I ventured out for Ro's birthday gift... shopping together and picking out two things for me to get her. We ended up finding her a really cute top and a summery dress. Then we headed to a furniture store so she could pick out her present from Pat... a new dresser. She was damn excited for that one since she's been wanting a new dresser for years (her old one was from college, and was literally falling apart). We found a nice one and hopefully Pat can pick it up next weekend. It was a lot of fun.

Back at home I found my boy and my little girl relaxing together, napping away the afternoon.

And that was pretty much it! Lazy, but good days.

Now its back to work!

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