11/18 days

Hi. Sorry. Its still crazy. Really, its at the point where I'm just begging for 1) Christmas break to arrive and 2) the new year to get here. I'm ready for the break, the holiday cheer, the fresh start.

This time year always makes me nostalgic and definitely makes me look back. And pictures like this:

Make me think of where we were this time last year:

What a difference a year makes!!

Despite everything going on, the craziness at work with Jan being out (its still so so busy and hectic and overwhelming), and the craziness at home with Trav's broken hand (we're adapting, he's able to do more, though some stuff has just been shelved... like outdoor Christmas lights), we're enjoying the holiday season and are so excited for Gwen's first Christmas. I can't wait to watch her discover her new things, have Trav and my family open their gifts, eat lots of great food, and just spend the time together. I can't wait to watch A Christmas Story and just let the joy of season wash over me. I really do love this time of year.

Some positives:
-- As of this weekend: Cards are mailed. 9 month pictures are put in frames. Presents are wrapped. All done, except for a few that are arriving this week. Trav's stocking is stuffed as well. Still need to decorate the tree, but we're getting there.
-- Jan is in today! Not "for real"... but to get her hair done, and clean her office up, and make sure things aren't "lost" in her email or in her drawers. But she's here. And I got to hug her. I love that.
-- Work Christmas party tomorrow. VERY low-key, just pizza and desserts here at the office with only about a dozen people. But our office needs something to celebrate, and we get to eat yummy things and be joyful together.
-- Seeing my best girl, Babs, this weekend at my parent's. And seeing my parents and brother there too. PLUS seeing my Gram in the same trip, because she finally moved just down the road from my parent's.

11 days until Christmas, 18 days until 2011. Even as I type it, I can't believe it.

Back to work for me now, but I'll be back sooner. Promise.
(In the meantime, share your holiday traditions with me below!)

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