this, that, and the other thing (which is a tooth!!)

First things first... my friend's husband found my star!!! One German Glitter Star tree topper is on its way to me right now!! :-)  I have great friends. Pictures to come when it arrives (and when we actually take the time to set up our tree).

Today has been another busy day... but I'm taking some time to come here and do a leisurely update since I'm working late for an event. I've done the first half of what I have to do, now its just hanging out until the event is over so I can close up shop. So here I sit, with time to actually drop in.

Pre-baby I used to actually enjoy these occational late nights. The city is a different place at night, and when its cool and crisp and dark, its sort of lovely. I enjoy getting to be one of few people walking the streets (especially since I'm in a safe section of the city!!).

Now though, post-baby, I still enjoy my walk to the train after the event and I make the best of it, but I really just wish I were home. At least I get to enjoy some really great food (really great). I also got to catch up on work some, and now I get to come here.

So the biggest update around these parts is a first tooth just starting to break through... not on the bottom which we've been eyeing up for ages, but on the top middle!
Not a great picture, but best we could do with a squirmy babe:

Can't see it? Its hard to pick out... try this one:

Also, notice the amazing eyelashes my daughter has!
So there it is! First tooth, making its way into the light. My little girl is getting so big!

Well, I hear them finishing... so off I go!! Night all.

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  1. Yay for the first tooth! It was a tough one in our house but each one got a bit easier. I hope your event went well and I'm so glad you found your topper :-)


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