cookies and trees and babies, oh my

It was a really great weekend. Busy and full, but all the wonderful kind. I posted on Saturday night with pictures from that day... but I'll expound a little.

Saturday I had a hair appointment. Seeing as Babs was in town again, we couldn't pass up on a third visit in as many months (yay!!!), so she came by my parent's place. We all visited for a while, then she headed back home, and my mom hopped in her car to lead Gwen & I over to my Gram's new place, a mere 10 minute drive from my parent's (and on the route I take home, to boot). Its so wonderful having her so much closer... and I absolutely LOVE that Gwenie is going to get to see her all the time now, and consequently, is going to know her.

It was a wonderful day.

Yesterday, we headed to Ro & Pat's place again to bake more cookies and exchange gifts (Ro - a new cookie sheet, snowflake shaped cookie cutters, and decorative glitters; Pat - a basket with all the works for a home bar, which he is hoping to create; GG - two fleece PJs [snowmen and penguins] and a super cute striped top; Trav - two variety packs of beer; Gwen - a fleece top with penguins, leggings, and a cute shirt; Me - two movie passes, a gift card to use for dinner, and the offer of babysitting! plus a terry cloth robe).

It was a lot of fun. The boys went off for a while to pick out Trav's gift and pick up lunch, and Ro & I got started on these:

And these:

GG napped most of the time, and Gwen played in the high chair for a while, and I threw her on my back in the Mai Tai for a while too. I wish I had a picture of that! :-)

GG is getting some big sister practice with Gwen... and its cute seeing them interact. At one point Gwen's sock came off and GG grabbed it and attempted to stick it back on Gwen's foot.

Ro has a little video of it, and we are both laughing hysterically because the whole time GG is attempting to get Gwen to sit still, then grabbing her foot and Gwen is just staring at her with this "what are you doing to me?!" look on her face. Pretty cute.

We headed home and ate a relaxed dinner, Gwen had a bath, then she was off to bed. I snapped a few pictures of our tree then, since I realized that I never shared it with you.

And our beautiful, sparkly star:

Love it!!

I hate to even jinx it, but Gwen slept well last night. ::knocks on wood::  She woke to eat voraciously at 10something, then slept soundly until 4am. She ate and went back down for another hour, when she came to bed with us and slept until 6:30. It was good and I'm hoping we're moving in the right direction now. I think that second tooth coming in really helped.

Wait, did I talk about that yet?! I guess not... late last week, tooth #2 decided to pop out!! So we have a little bunny rabbit on our hands with her two front teeth (Santa's off the hook!). Its pretty freakin cute.

Anyway, now its back to work for me... thought Trav has off for the week (had a few days left). He gets his cast off tomorrow and we are both so damn excited!

Something else exciting, the 10 day forecast. Specifically that there are two days of snow predicted, and they fall on the Christmas weekend:

On that note, hope everyone is having a great week-before-Christmas!

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  1. What cute pictures! I love the effort at getting the sock back on :-)The cookie slook delicious too, so gla dyou had a nice weekend


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