back away from the internets

Blurbs, because its still crazy:
  • Jan's mom passed last night. I'm so sad for her, but glad that her mom is no longer in pain, and that her husband was able to be there with her. I wish that I could do something for Jan, but I just don't know what.

  • Is this (Elf on the Shelf) a passing fad? Or the thing that Gwen is going to be coming home asking me about and wondering why her family is the only one that Santa doesn't care enough about to send an elf to?

  • I really, really want this star...
    I have been looking for something to put on top of our tree for 2 years now and THIS is what I want! And of course, its sold out! Grr.  If anyone has a local Pottery Barn and wants to check it for me, I would be much obliged!!
  • So glad its friday, so glad we have a lazy free weekend ahead. Hopefully I can get a start on Christmas cards, and maybe holiday decorating. What are you up to? 

And with that I'm off... back to the races. 


    1. I am so sorry to hear about Jan's loss.I hoep she has lots of support and love surrounding her right now.

      I think the Elf thing has been around for a bit and is kind of cute and we're Jewish! It could go a looong way in helping tame LMC's outbursts :-)

      I think that is a lovely topper. We don't have a tree but I enjoy checking out everyone else's every year. I am always surprised at how ugly some toppers can be, ruins the whole thing. I will check my local PB when we are out this weekend. I hope I can find you one :-)

    2. LOL, the elf definitely is a nice extra incentive for good behavior this time of year. Maybe I'll look into it some more.

      So I actually just got an email from a friend who picked the topper up for me at their PB in NJ... thank you so much though!!


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