holiday traditions and a gift idea (for you!)

With Christmas just around the corner (seriously, its only 17 days away people!!), I've been thinking a lot about the traditions of the holiday and what I want to pass on to Gwen. So far we have Christmas Eve at Willy's house. Its a night full of Trav's family, and there's always a ham! We have fun, but frankly, with Willy getting up in years, I'm not sure how much longer we'll be doing that.

I'm sure when Gwen is a bit older and more aware of the holiday, she'll help us decorate the tree and hang the stockings. Growing up, my fam always hung the stockings on Christmas Eve... Trav and I will have to discuss what route we want to go with that. Will Santa fill our stockings? Either way, I still don't know, since I love seeing them hanging.

Christmas morning we wake up at home, open presents and eat breakfast, then head up to my parents to open gifts there, eat a late lunch/early dinner, and watch A Christmas Story more then once! I'm sure that will stick around.

But I want something more. Some special thing that just says Christmas.

I'd love some ideas. What are your holiday traditions? 

Of course, I've been thinking a lot about gift ideas too, since I still have more buying to do then I normally do at this point (UGH). On that note, I wanted to pass on a gift idea to you... and a discount code to use for that gift! 

I've talked about Inspired By Finn some already, but I don't know if I've told you what a cool company they are. Created by a Mama, they sell beautiful amber and hazel-wood necklaces. Both of these materials contain natural pain relievers that are released by your body heat... its a great alternative to constantly pumping yourself or your babies full of tyle.nol, etc. You might have seen Gwen wearing her amber necklace, which I bought her when teething hell started:

(Isn't it pretty?)
They aren't just for teething babies either. These necklaces can offer relief for arthritis and migraines (and other aches and pains) as well. Check out the site for a better, more scientific description!!   :-)

IBF necklaces would make a great gift for many people on your list, so click the banner above to head to the Inspired by Finn website, and check them out. They have a ton of great styles to chose from. Then, enter the code: MeganH at checkout to get 25% off!! Yay!

Please let me know if you order. If 15 pieces of jewelry are bought using my code, I get two free gifts... one for myself (hey, they're cute), and one which I'll give away here! Start shopping.  :-)

And on that note, I'm getting back to work... with a browser window open on the side to try and check more people off my list!

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