her giggle is a balm

Hard day... boss flew down to FL (emergency style) since Jan's mom's hospice nurse said hours not days. From the reports I've been getting, I'm sure it won't be long now. Big event tomorrow that we're all stressing about, and my head is in FL, not here. It was hard, especially with a million people trying to coordinate, and unreachable location contacts. I'm heading to bed in about 10 seconds, but had to pop in quickly just to relate one little story. A moment I want to burn into my memory and remember always:
I was feeding Gwen tonight, putting her to sleep. She was patting my chin and accidentally flicked my lip with her finger, it made a funny noise and I looked down to see if she noticed... well she was grinning around my boob! Had I not reacted, she probably would have gone back to nursing. But I couldn't help myself, I let out a little half-laugh, she was just too cute. That was all it took... my laugh made her laugh, which made me laugh more... she though me laughing was funny, and her laugh is just the cutest thing, I can't resist it! Soon we were both just cracking up. She even had to sit up she was laughing so hard.

Once we settled a bit, she grabbed my face and gave me a big kiss, then just leaned against me with a sweet sigh. It was the perfect lighthearted moment to end a rough day. This little girl really is a balm to my soul.

So glad its almost the weekend...

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear the news, how heartbreaking.I'm sure it made today that much harder.

    What a great Gwen story! Adorable. It's those little moments that make everything better.


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