off to bed...

About to head to bed after a fun, full day.

Trav let me sleep in. Then we headed to Ro & Pat's for some much belated bff time. Ro is looking great at 17 weeks:

We ate lunch, then just hung out and talked while baking Christmas cookies:

It was a lot of fun. I threw Gwen up in the Mai Tei for a lot of the baking, and she loved being part of the fun.

Once we got home (a little later then we meant to) it was a mad dash to get Gwen fed and into bed, then I had some online Christmas shopping to take care of, then dishes, and now I'm finally ready to hit the hay. But its so quiet right now that I had to take advantage and pop in here real quick.

Hope you're weekend has started off nicely too!! Visit to Willy's tomorrow, so I'm sure I'll have more to share come next week.

But for now... goodnight!!

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