finding my why and my voice -- and hello Ultimate Blog Party!!

Lately, I've been asking myself some questions... like:
Why am i here*?
What do I want to share?
And most importantly, when writing here, how do I find and use my true voice?

Am I the trying-to-be-greener hippie chick? The tattooed freak? A wanderer? A homebody? Do I still want to learn Chinese, or would I rather try my hand at Welsh or Gaelic?

Well, since I'm linking up to the Ultimate Blog Party, and started to work on a introduction, about me post... I thought it might be time to explore some of those questions. Not to mention, pick the brains of some new visitors. 

The truth is... I'm a tattooed, trying-to-be-greener, proud Celtic mama - who loves to travel, while having a strong, permanent home base to come back to. And more.

Now how do I transfer that into a cohesive blog?!

Do I have to pick and choose just certain things to blog about? Because I know why I come here... and that's to share my life, and to record it.

For everyone...
How do you fit all the pieces of you into your blog, while maintaining a cohesive feel?

For those just coming by...
My name is Meegs, and I'm a personal, all about my life blogger, turned mommy blogger with the birth of my beautiful daughter, Gwenivere, on February 16, 2010. I work full time... which is exciting, exhausting, and bittersweet. I cherish every moment home with my sweet girl.

I started this blog almost 9 years ago, as a way to vent and ramble. It's become my journal and memory keeper. I feel like I've found a real community here, and love sharing myself with the world. During the past 9 years I've graduated college, moved to the Philly suburbs, found a great job in center city, traveled to China, bought a house, got married, traveled to Ireland and Mexico, walked a 60 miles in 3 days walk for breast cancer, got a super pup (Daisy), had my baby, and just recently got approved to work one day from home! Yay! Not to mention the millions of smaller things that make life great.

I'm a babywearing, breastfeeding, sometimes bedsharing mama. My husband, Travis, who I'll celebrate my 11th anniversary with (and 5th wedding anny) this fall is my partner in crime (and a fabulous dad!). He's sort of a goofball, a little bit of a nerd, definitely a big hockey fan... and we have a great time together.

I'm an easy-going girl that loves tattoos, food (especially sushi) and the outdoors. I was born and raised in the country, and love the autumn time. I'm passionate about being greener, co-existing peacefully with animals/the environment, and LGBTQ rights. In my free time I love to read (lots!), go for long walks, cheer for the Eagles and the Flyers, cook, and spend time with my family and our friends.

I guess that's me in a nutshell. I hope you'll stick around... and leave a comment so I can get to know you too!

*Here on this blog... not here on this earth!! Just to clarify!

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