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You've probably gathered, if you've been here more then once, that I'm sort of a nature lover. I love going out for long walks, preferably somewhere tree covered, and I'm working to instill in Gwen a love of the great outdoors. So today, its kind of one of my high holidays!

Happy Earth Day!!! 

This is one of the best Earth Day descriptions I've read in a while:
First held in 1970, Earth Day is intended to recognize and respect the environment. It is a day in April when not just hippies, vegetarians or tree huggers care about this earth. It is a day when we collectively give big ups to Earth because at the end of the day, we’re all on this thing together. So opt to walk or bike to the corner store [...] and celebrate the Earth week events offered in this beloved city of ours! It might not absolve you of all your environmental sins, but it’s a damn good way to start.
-- C Trinh

Last year, with a little more time on my hands (oh maternity leave, how I miss you...), I did a weeks worth (M, T, W, Th, F) of Earth Day posts, including a giveaway! This year, I'm a little less gumptious, but no less enthused for the day!

I have plenty of great things for you to check out. First... head HERE for a list of places giving away free things in honor of Earth Day. Then, you can also check out the Eco Women blog for great tips on using less, eating local, and a great new Eco Pack available from Sprint.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Gwen and I went to a babywearing group this morning (our first time!)...

The stash shot.

Pretty church we passed on our way home.

After that we went to lunch with Trav... but for the rest of the day, we have no official plans. We are excited to enjoy our day together though!!

Finally, since no post is complete without some snuggly baby... my view, Earth day last year:

Awww.   :-)

And this year:


Have a great green day!

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