tasty tuesday, etc etc

My coworker was out on Tuesday, so I switched my work-from-home day to Wednesday this week. So, here's what I did yesterday... in no particular order.

1. Cooked an amazingly yummy dinner...
Coconut Baked Chicken, over Salad (click for recipe):
Holy yum, seriously!!

This is not my picture... this is the picture from skinny taste...
I forgot to take a picture, because I was too busy stuffing my face.
Did I mention this was good?!
What I changed: I didn't have corn flakes, so I used rice crispys. Plus I used whole eggs instead of eggwhites, because I am so not on a diet. I also used breasts that I sliced into tenders... so it only took about 20 minutes of baking instead of 30. It was sooooo good!

Even Trav couldn't get enough, snagging all the leftovers (and my last chance to grab a picture!) for his lunch today. 

2. Officially went into "Operation Chubby Cheeks" mode.

Gwen had a follow up at the doc's yesterday, and the stomach bug made her lose weight (not surprising, the little boy she got it from lost almost 2 lbs!). Doc wants us to try to help her gain 2 lbs by her 15-month well visit in just over a month.

That sounds really daunting to me... but I'm a little more hopeful when I think about the fact that her body will want to put at least a pound of that back on post-sickness.

Anyway, we're doing lots of stuff that we were doing before (butter or olive oil on all veggies, cheese on all things cheese-able, full-fat yogurt, etc) just more strictly; plus a few new things (picking up cream cheese for on crackers and fruit, bought whole milk powder to add to her breastmilk bottles/sippys). Wish us luck.

3. Enjoyed my work day view:

4. Bought our plane tickets to Arizona!
We're definitely, officially going to AZ to visit Trav's parents. We're both very excited, especially since we were able to get both of our round trip tickets for $500, total!!

We also bought a carseat, which we had shipped straight there. It was inexpensive, but rated well, and will be big enough for Gwen to use, plus cousin Wyatt, if he goes to visit the grandparents (this year or next).

Very excited.

5. Found out Gwen's favorite teacher isn't coming back to daycare after her wedding (in June).  :-(   Luckily, Gwen will be in the toddler class by then, so it won't be quite so bad, but the two classes share a room... so her absence will still be noted. We'll all miss her. 

Not a bad day. A busy one, I was a bit thrown off by my completely changed schedule, but it ended up being a good one.

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