Taking advantage of a brief pause in the action to pop in here and say Hi.
(I initially wrote "poop in here"... which, uh, no.)

So glad its Friday, what a crazy week its been. Work is trés busy right now; we had two events this week, have one this weekend (which I have to work - I'm praying I don't forget anything), and three others next week. Not to mention all my other normal work projects, and a new project I was just assigned to this week - a completely new area for me, which will be ongoing and time consuming. I'm more thankful then ever for my one day a week to work from home.

I'm also grateful for my weekends. They are busy lately too, but with all fun stuff and great people. I'm really looking forward to Easter weekend in DC. Tomorrow though, I have a lazy day, just me and my girls (since Trav will be heading to a day of events at his old fraternity). Hopefully it will be nice enough out for some walks. Maybe Ro will be around to walk too.

For now though, I have to get back to it.
Check in on Monday for some exciting news involving... syndication!

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  1. I'm glad you changed it to pop... it would be hard to upload, no?


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