syndication and sunny days

So, the very first bit of news that I must, must, must share (I'm so excited about it!), is that one of my blog posts has been syndicated!  HERE.  I'm completely excited and thrilled and honored that liked my post enough to share it. Check it out.  :-)

So, its Monday! And I'm tired. Poor babe has a cough* that's waking her (and us) up. But we still had a great weekend.

Saturday (while Trav was up at his fraternity for an event) we went for a walk with Ro, Pat, GG, and Ro's big belly! She's getting so close... next month already!

We went out to lunch, then came home where we proceeded to spread a blanket on the grass and enjoy more of the beautiful weather.

Hi Mama!

It was really nice out... not as warm as today (80*!!!), but sunny and mild.

Despite the still pretty cold temps of late (mostly 50s around here), it really is getting around to being spring. There are buds and flowers on the trees, and flowers popping up from the ground all the time.

Thank goodness too. I'm tired of winter!

Sunday I had to work, but the event was a lot of fun, went really smoothly, and the food there was great! We relaxed in the afternoon, taking a quick trip to the grocery store, but mostly just enjoying all being home together.

Little girl got a bath, and I got some of my favorite snuggles... towel wrapped, "baby burrito!" snuggles.

Now its Monday, and I'm tired... but its gorgeous out, so I did enjoy a nice walk around the block. I've been a little distracted at work today (which I feel entitled too, after being ridiculously rushed, stressed, and amazingly productive on Thursday and Friday... plus working over the weekend); but I still got a good amount done. So I'm giving myself permission to work slowly the rest of the day, take frequent breaks, and start anew tomorrow.

* We're going in Wednesday to make sure its not a reoccurance of the bronchitis.

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