not so tasty tuesday

No recipe to share today unfortunately, since my tasty tuesday was derailed by a miserable monday night! It started on Saturday, when a visit with some friends (which was supposed to be Saturday, then dinner, then Sunday) was cut short by a puking Gwen! My poor babe had some stomach bug.

First the good stuff. Saturday three couples (with their kiddos) that I've known online for years, came to Philly, and we all got to meet in real life for the first time. They were staying in a hotel by the airport, so we joined them there after lunch for some swimming.

This was Gwen's first time in a pool... she was unsure at the beginning, but warmed up to it.

(Our new obsession... "big kid" cups!)

Unfortunately after that it went downhill. We headed up to one of the hotel rooms to let all the kids run around together for a little before dinner. Gwen ended up throwing up. But we thought it might be just from swallowing some pool water. Not so much, she threw up again when we were about to go into dinner, so we left everyone else there to eat and headed home.

I was hoping to join them for a little on Sunday, but Gwen had such a rough night and morning, that I didn't want to leave her, or make Trav take care of her alone. Thankfully she got better and better all day, slept well Sunday night, and was able to go to daycare on Monday. Trav started feeling sick sometime during the day, and by the evening was nauseous. I followed suit about halfway through the night. My popping in and out of the bathroom kept Gwen up, so the three of us ended up snuggling together on the futon. We were all tired this morning, but Trav was okay to go to work today, and thankfully today was my day to work from home, so I was able to sleep some after Trav and Gwen left. I'm feeling better now, though a little off still. Hopefully we'll all sleep much better tonight.

I already have my recipe picked out next week though!

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