full weekend

It was a great weekend, but boy am I tired now! It was full, full, full.

Saturday was our friend's son's 4th birthday. It was at a great play gym in the area... a good thing since the weather was crazy, and we got HUGE storms. The gym was a big hit though, and Gwen had a blast.

Yes, that would be me in the balls with Gwen. Unlike most places, parents can go in and through everything with there kids, which is great for someone Gwen's age/size. She wouldn't be comfortable to go through on her own, and she couldn't physically do all the ramps, cargo nets, etc yet.

But with one of us crawling around with her, she was able to go all over and had a wonderful time!

She did ballpits and slides...

crawled through tubes, and ran across bridges. It was great.

Since our friend's kids go to Gwen's daycare, she had some friends there too.

After an hour and a half of running around, everyone gathered upstairs for pizza and cake. She wasn't in the the pizza, choosing to eat a banana instead (and we wonder why she's a skinny-mini?!), but she did nom some cake.

We had a great time, though we were all tired afterward. (Ro and GG came too. Ro couldn't go with GG through the tunnels though - almost 9 months pregnant and all! - so I helped GG around.) Gwen took a 3 hour nap! And I had sore knees:

That night we had a massive thunderstorm. It was actually pretty cool... our first big one of the spring. And all the rain made everything fresh and bright and lovely on Sunday, when Gwen and I headed off to our favorite park (Ridley Creek State Park) for the 5.5 mile MS walk.

We were part of Team Twins, with my good friends Debbie & Steve, and their boys.

Steve was diagnosed with MS last year, so he wanted to do the walk to help raise money and awareness.

It was a really beautiful day; Gwen and I had a great time. Though between the two days, I was super sore by the time we were done!!

We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon...

But my legs and hips were still super sore when I went to sleep last night (and still are today). Ouch.

Now we're in a new week... but at least its a 4-day week for me. Gwen's daycare is closed on Friday (Earth Day!!!), so I took off. I'm taking advantage of it to attend my first babywearing meeting!! For now though, lots of work to do.

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  1. WOW, that was a a very active weekend. My feet/knees ache on your behalf. Enjoy your short week!


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