are you ready for some football?

We had a footballesque weekend.

Dropping back for a pass...
First, Gwen dressed in her Steelers best on Friday, to get herself in the spirit.

It was actually really cute to see Trav's reaction, since I picked it out for her to wear (surprise!).

Unrelated, but it was a beautiful morning:

Saturday we headed up to Lehigh for the football game. It was a great day for it... a little cool, but with a nice warm sun and gorgeous clear blue skies. Instead of sitting on the bleachers this time, we decided to plant our buns on the grassy hill overlooking the one end zone.

The vantage point was great, and it gave Gwen more room to move while actually staying closer to us.

Plus, no concrete to face plant on.  :-\
Gwen had a great time, we all did, only getting a little punchy towards the end because of lack of nap.

Sunday Trav let me sleep in until 9am (ahem, I guess really 10 before the time change)! It was great. Gwen was a bit off because of that damn hour. She didn't nap great and was a bit crabby, but hopefully she'll be adjusted soon.

There was more football to be watched on TV, but we also took a trip to the grocery store... where Gwen was happy to help with the cart.

Gah, how is it that she can seem so much bigger each day?!

Today I have a huge case of the Mondays. I think the time change has thrown me off too, because concentration is fleeting today! November is busy though, so I need to get on the ball.

Something else that I need to get on the ball about... food! After doing so good since I asked you for your breakfast suggestions back in August, I've majorly fallen off the bandwagon lately. Halloween candy, definitely my undoing. I need to ramp it back up and start eating well again. I'm sure its contributing to my tiredness lately, my skin going crazy, and my general feeling of "yuck." So I have a fridge full of greek yogurt, a cabinet full of organic oatmeal, and a few cans of tuna in my work drawer. I'm going to hold myself to one piece of candy or other small treat a day (to totally deny is a recipe for disaster!), and I'm hoping that will help get me feeling up to snuff again soon.

Wish me luck!

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