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Super busy here today, tomorrow is our BIG EVENT, so we're getting ready. I blinked and its already 4 pm, yipes! So no time for a long post, but I want to get something down since I probably won't get here at all tomorrow.

Had a nice weekend. Friday was hectic, but good. Gwen got a clean bill of health from the doc and I got to swing by to drop off some clothes for Trav's cousin's daughter who just had a baby. Yeah for teeny, tiny (serious 6lbs something at 10 days!) baby snuggles. Then it was home to work, and done early to pick up Gwen from daycare. Our girls night together was nice.

Saturday was a hair appointment, so we saw my parents and my Gram. Its always great seeing Gwen with her grandparents... I love it. I love how she loves them and how they love her. And its extra wonderful seeing the little lift it gives to my Gram. Cannot wait for Thanksgiving next week... so much family all in the same place.

Sunday was relaxing until the "great cous-cous debacle." We all slept until 8am (!!), then relaxed and played for a while, went grocery shopping (where I couldn't find Israeli cous-cous), then came home for lunch. Unfortunately I then spent 1.5 hours fight Gwen to get her to go down for a nap.. ugh. We were heading to a friend's place for an early dinner thing with three other couples, and I had a few things I needed/wanted to do during nap, which pretty much all got thrown out the window. This apparently put my in a um, fragile, state of mind. I called three stores, but couldn't find the cous-cous I needed to make the dish I was bringing, ended up going to a fourth and finding something that worked, but it took too long and we were running late, and I had to throw out half of it in the end (which pissed off my scroogie husband to no end), and we didn't leave until 15 minutes after we were supposed to be there. So I, of course, cried in the car.

LOL. Its funny now.

Thankfully we had a great time once we were there, and the night ended nicely. Freakin ridiculous though.

Today, things are busy, but brighter. I stole 20 minutes away to get my nails done (lovely!) for tomorrow, and I'm feeling happy and excited for it.

Gwen is 21 months on Wednesday (for real this time), and hopefully I'll have her letter up then.

For now though, time to keep plugging along.

Ps. 5 weeks and 6 days until Christmas... hol.eee.sheet.

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