jumping back in

Mondays after a long weekend are always a little rough... so much to do, so little drive to do it!! I want to be back at home with my loves, snuggling and playing.

But alas, no can do. So here I am, being might productive actually.

Besides the obvious/normal work stuff, so far I've managed to:
- switch my calendar to December ::gulp::
- mailed off my Cold Hands, Warm Hearts package to my swap partner
- printed Christmas card labels so Trav and I can start filling out cards
- bought 90% of my Christmas gifts! (Just waiting for some sizing confirmation for the last stuff.)
- balanced the checkbooks

I also pulled some pictures from my phone...

One of Gwen's favorite pass-times:

With her Uncle Epie:

Thanksgiving... riding on Papa's back!:

Sunday, giving GG hugs:

I love watching those girls interact... they are going to be such good friends! Here's a vid too...

For now though, off to a meeting with my boss and coworkers!

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  1. B does the same thing with one cupboard. He removes all my cookbooks and climbs right in!


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