mish mash to catch up.

Thanksgiving this Thursday... how?! I'm so excited for it. Lots of family all meeting at my Gram's, its going to be great. I love this time of year.

Speaking of: And thus starts the season of me crying randomly over everything. Stupid things, like two different commercials this morning, and then actually lovely things, like this post by my friend E, which killed me. Something about the holidays just makes me a pile of mush.

This weekend was lovely though...

Lehigh vs. Lafayette football game on Saturday. The big rivalry. We headed up to Trav's old fraternity house for an alumni meeting first. Gwen and I looked at old composites... here's Trav's dad, when he was at Lehigh:

Then we went for a walk and I took a picture of "my brick" (for completing my class gift):

Then we took pictures on the front lawn:

This one was my attempt to recreate last years:

Though the sun angle was not working with me this year!

We headed to tailgates after that to see friends and eat lots of yummy food. My mom came to pick up Gwen before the actual game though, so she went off with Nonnie, and we watched Lehigh kick Lafayette's ass!  :-)

It was crowded and cold and so much fun.

Sunday was Ro & my Mama's Date Day.  :-)  We headed to the movies where we watched Breaking Dawn (Twilight) while sipping fruity drinks and eating a great lunch.

Movie Tavern is amazing! Full Breaking Dawn report, with spoilers, below the break.
Since I'm posting all these pics, lets show off a few more:

Dressed up for my work event last week.

Last weeks recipe:

Chicken Pot Pie/Chicken and Biscuits

I had a roll of biscuits to use up, so I made a chicken pot pie filling, then topped it with flattened biscuits and baked until delicious. It was lovely:

Tonight I'm working late... hence why this post is coming at you now. I don't mind working late occationally, but I'm a little sad to be here tonight. Last week, this week, and next week all have a day where I'm working late... and between Nonnie & Papa babysitting Saturday, and Trav taking full duty while I headed to the movies Sunday... well, I sort of miss my girl!! I won't see her before bed tonight, so I'm already looking forward to tomorrow morning's snuggles.

Well, with that I'm caught up and off to get more work done.

Twilight - Breaking Dawn SPOILER

I loved it. Loved that is started out with Jacob sans shirt... ;-)  Thought the acting in this movie was so much better then the last three. Thought the wedding was amazingly gorgeous, especially the flowers. Thought the toasts were hilarious in an awkward kind of way, which I think is how it was supposed to be.

Liked the honeymoon, with the cute bonding stuff and Bella trying to seduce him all the time. And even though it didn't seem it, they were there for two weeks before she got pregnant, so that is a long honeymoon. The sex scene was just awkward (didn't help I was sitting next to two girls who couldn't have been more then 10! WTH.), I felt like a was watching... well, two teens having sex for the first time!

I like how Jacob and Edward played the uneasy truce. It really came through that they both realized that this is how it is, and if they want to stay in her life, they have to get used to the other one being there. 

I thought it was amazing how they changed her during the pregnancy. She really seemed to waste away as the baby grew, it was scary. The moment between Edward, Bella, and the baby, when he first hears her, is one of my favorite moments of the whole movie.

I thought the birth scene was done well... just bloody enough. They handled the imprinting well too... made it much less creepy then I was worried it would be. And her transformation at the end, coupled with the red eyes, leaves me DYING to see the next movie already!!  I can't wait to see her come into her own as a vampire. And see her meet Renesme.

Anyone else see it? What did you think?

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