Thanksgiving, and a four day weekend. So lovely.

Pictures to share when I connect my phone to the computer... but that will probably come Monday. For now lets just say that Thanksgiving was wonderful. With so much food and family. Loved seeing my cousins, my Aunt and Uncle, my Gram, my parents, and my brother. Loved watching them all interact with Gwen. Made everyone write down what they were thankful for, and everyone pulled one to read. Everyone grumbled when I handed them the paper... but they all smiled and laughed or got teary when reading them out. It was good.

The rest of the days have been relaxing. Walks in the mild weather. Naps. Tickle and gigglefests. Puppy snuggles.

Tomorrow, lunch with Ro, Pat, and the girls. Next weekend meeting my cousin's baby, and my best Babs flying in from Cali.

I'm a lucky girl.

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