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From the first of November, through Thanksgiving, I updated my facebook status everyday to something I was thankful for. 

Day 1: Can't believe it is November! Lets start with the "thanks!" Today I am thankful for antibiotics that make my baby better! :-) What are you thankful for?

Day 2: Today I'm thankful for amazing coworkers. While this might not be my dream job, its a good job, and I get to work with really wonderful people.

Day 3: After hearing some sad news about a friends pup, I have to say that today I am thankful for the crazy, ridiculous, humorous, love-muffin of a pup, Daisy. She's sweet, loving, and always puts a smile on my face. I'm so lucky to have her! (And an early Happy Birthday to her... she's 3 on Sunday!) What are you thankful for today?

Day 4: Today I'm thankful for a husband who picks up the slack when I've feeling yucky.

Day 5: is thankful for fun days with my family. And a daughter who loves football! Go Lehigh!

Day 6: Today I'm thankful for my beautiful little girl... who is sometimes trying, but always amazing and is always my heartsong.

Day 7: I'm thankful for peppermint hot chocolate. Mmmmm....

Day 8: Election Day. I'm thankful that I have a voice and a say in the politic process. I'm thankful that in the kick ass US of A my right to vote is protected.

Day 9: Today I'm thankful for the unseasonably warm weather. A really nice break in the middle of the gathering cold.

Day 10: I'm thankful for how blessed Trav and I are... in many, many ways, but for today: with two cars, a roof over our heads, good healthy food on the table and the ability to send our daughter to a daycare that really cares for her.

Day 11: Today I'm thankful for all those who have served in the past, are currently serving, and those who will serve in the future. Thank you for protecting my freedoms. Thank you for putting yourself on the line for all of us. (Including, but not limited to: my dad's dad, both of my mom's parents, and countless friends.) Happy Veteran's Day.

Day 12: Today I'm thankful for the opportunity to watch my daughter interact with her grandparents and great grandmother. I adore watching her love them and them love her.

Day 13: Today I'm thankful for those occasional days when Gwen decides to sleep until 8am!! Yes!!!!!!!

Day 14: Today I'm grateful for 20 minutes of my own to get my nails done. Pretty nails for our big event tomorrow!

Day 15: Today I'm thankful for pretty dresses (white tea dress style with a black lace overlay), carefully done make up, and great pushup bras!! ;-)

Day 16: Getting into the home stretch! Today I am thankful for all of my amazing friends. Ones I've known forever like my Babs, high school friends like Cas and Sebz, the amazing friends I gained in college like Ro, Hoser, and Hannah, or my newest friends from work. Thank you for being there and being wonderful.

Day 17: Today I'm grateful for my amazing in-laws. I really won the in-law lottery... they are funny, loving, and just the right amount of crazy! I'm so lucky to have them in my life; and Gwen is so lucky to have them too.

Day 18: Today I'm grateful for my amazing extended family... my cousins, aunts, and uncles. They are amazing and fun and I can't imagine my life without them.

Day 19: Today I'm thankful for my alma mater Lehigh University. I'm thankful for the education it provided for me, the amazing friends it blessed me with, and the community I get to keep going back to. Go Lehigh!! Beat Lafayette!!

Day 20: Today I'm thankful for Jacob's abs... J/K. Today I'm thankful for great girlfriends, supportive husbands, and silly movies: all the things that go into a mama's day out. Recharging to be a better mama to my ball of energy.

Day 21: Today I'm thankful for my amazing parents, Drew and Maggie, and my awesome bro, Ethan. They have always given me more support, love, and help then I could have imagined... and now they do the same for Gwen. I love them so much and I don't know what I would do without them. xoxox

Day 22: Today I'm thankful for my husband. My partner-in-crime for over 11 years now, I know I wouldn't be where I am now, or who I am now without him. He is supportive and loving, and I'm lucky to have him in my life.

Day 23: On this grey, rainy day I'm so thankful for my little sunshine, Gwenivere. I never knew how much I could love someone until she showed me how full my heart could feel. I only hope that I can be the Mama she deserves, because she is the best daughter anyone could have.

Day 24: Today (my last day of thankfuls) I'm so grateful that this month, and specifically this day, have given me the opportunity to reflect on how blessed I am. I am blessed, lucky, and so thankful for all the people/things I have in this life. And its good to spend a few weeks every year recognizing that. Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope your day, and your lives, are as blessed as I feel mine to be.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

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