back to normal

This is the first 5 day week we've had in almost a month. Its going to be a long one, I'm sure, but it feels good to get back to a normal routine! This morning went much better then last week's mornings were going, so that's a good sign that Gwen is read for a normal routine too.

This weekend was a good transitional one though. Ethan and his fiance, Elise, came down to stay with us Friday so I could drop Elise off at the airport on Saturday afternoon. Gwen loves her Uncle Epie and was a little clown for him.

I hit up my Ridley Creek Clean Up on Saturday morning, which was nice, since I'd missed a few months in there because of all the holiday hoopla and other events. Nothing feels better then pairing with a few other people to remove a fallen tree!  ::insert a satisfied grunt here:: 

Sunday was equally productive. While we didn't get the Christmas stuff put away, by the time I went to bed last night every bed in the house was freshly made, all the floors were vacuumed, the dog had been given a good brushing (which will hopefully help the vacuuming to last more then a day!), there were freshly baked brownies on my counter, and we were all wearing clean PJs. There is nothing better then wearing clean PJs before falling asleep on your clean sheets.

Meanwhile, the Christmas decorations are slowly congregating by the tree, meaning that my dining room looks like it belongs in a Griswold's movie. Oops.

Gwen is being weaned down from the too many movies that she got used to watching during all those vacation days. Soon we should be back to an episode of Sesame Street in the morning, and nothing else during the week. Its a good thing, she definitely gets crazier when she's watched too much TV.

For now, time to finish off my busy Monday.

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