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I'm working from home today, which is always a nice break. Over lunch I ran out to grab something from the home depot, and realized I'd been sitting in the dark for hours because I forgot to open the damn blinds. Oops. Not that there was too much sun to be had today.

My trip out was interesting though, since I had to buy the stupidest thing (a replacement plastic tube for our toilet paper holder), and was already dressed in my yoga clothes with hair haphazardly pulled back from my face wearing my (fake) fur edged coat. Kind of felt ridiculous.

I'm so glad I'm going to yoga tonight though. With the holidays, and the abnormal work schedules the pass few weeks, I haven't been since before Christmas. My pants will thank me for getting back to it. And for laying off the holiday style treatfest that I've been indulging in. Makes me extra grateful for the pumpkin, fennel, and leek soup defrosting right now for my dinner. I love getting something warm, filling, full of veggies, and delicious in my belly. 

Hope you have a warm, filling, and maybe delicious evening too.   :-) 

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