forgetting the what ifs and just being in the now

So many days its easy to spend your time on the what ifs, and the thoughts of wish it were, and the bouts of why not me. So often we can get stuck on the frustrating bits, hung up on what is wrong with the picture, and miss the rest of the beauty.

Then there are weeks like this one. I just feel... good. Content. On stride.

Our mornings have been easy (Trav even let me sleep in yesterday since I worked from home), I've had patience with Gwen, I did lots of great cooking for meals for the week and to freeze (the chicken corn chowder, lasagna, and chicken spinach roll ups with the leftover lasagna noodles), and I've been busy enough at work to have the days pass quickly. Plus yoga last night was so great.

Yoga, let me talk about that for a minute here. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting back all that flexibility I used to have, but lost post-college. I'm learning the positions, gaining strength and balance, and while not exactly as I wish it would be, my body feels healthy and capable. I love it. I really, truly, love it.

This, all of the above, deserves to be documented just as much as the trials, the tribulations, and the day-to-day "this is what we did." Surely, soon enough, I'll get caught up in one frustration or another. But right here, right now, I'm relishing the good.

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  1. Nice work :) It's such a great feeling to feel content and happy. I've had a shift recently too. I'm feeling good (and I also have more patience with my girls!). If you're feeling good, ride the wave!


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