Wednesday already. Work has been busy enough lately to speed by, which is nice. A three-day weekend this week, which was also nice.

Saturday was pretty lazy, but Sunday we headed to one of Gwen's friend's birthday party. Her favorite part was all the balloons:

So jealous of their gorgeous kitchen.

That night we went out to dinner. Unfortunately it seems the flu vaccine that Gwen got on Friday finally caught up with her, and she spent dinner laying on my chest and not wanting to eat. We got her home and got her to bed, and thankfully she was back to normal Monday morning.

I got Trav and Gwen out the door, then I headed to NJ to see this little man and his mama:

I can't believe that Eddan is almost 2 months already, and so "talkative."

I headed home late afternoon, hit up the grocery store, then home to make this wonderfulness:

Pesto topped Steak (instead of olives, I did mine as an Almond, Basil, and Parsley pesto) with a Roasted Potato and Fennel side (AMAZING). I absolutely love all the good homemade food we've been eating lately. So does the rest of the family.

Hopefully we can keep it up.

And that's about it. Its cold as heck here, but we're just plugging along (albeit in a few more layers then normal).

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