finally hitting a stride

For much of this month, I've felt like we weren't quite back to normal. But finally, finally, this weekend seemed to help me get back right. I'm not sure what it was, maybe moving our dining room table back where its supposed to be, the flurry of cleaning and putting away I did on Sunday, or maybe it was just that Gwen seemed more settled too; but whatever the cause, I'm happy that the effect was a more centered me. While I've come to the conclusion that no matter how much I sleep, I will never feel rested at 5:30 - 6 a.m., Monday morning (after my shower) I actually felt energize and ready to take on the week (a feeling Gwen seemed to share, as it was one of the easiest mornings in memory!). A good thing too, since work yesterday was busy busy.

I still feel the need for a good week off of work with nothing on my plate but cleaning, paring down, and reorganizing... but as that isn't going to happen anytime soon, I'll do what I can in doses, and just enjoy what has been done. 

So, this weekend! Saturday we hit up my parents. I had a hair appointment, and Gwen enjoyed playing with her Nonnie and Papa. Trav was a Willy's again for more cleaning, what a process. After our trip home, I got some quiet time to read, since this happened:

Sunday we headed into the city to the Academy of Natural Sciences. There were tons of animal displays, a section on dinosaurs, and a butterfly room. 

Gwen had a great time. She especially loved the area where you could dig for fossils.

It was a fun way to kill a few hours.

That night I finally got a insatiable urge to be in the kitchen. I feel like I finally "woke up" in the kitchen, which was a relief after a few weeks of having no inspiration/ideas for cooking, and therefore some very boring menus. For dinner we tried a green curry sauce from Taste of Thai that we really enjoy over chicken and rice, then after Gwen went to bed I set about putting together a chicken corn chowder (enough for two meals this week, plus I froze enough for a meal plus a side). It was pretty easy, and damn delicious (chicken, corn, bacon, chicken broth, cream, wine, carrots, bay and rosemary... mmmm). I think I like it even more then my last hardy corn chowder!

I also gathered the ingredients for a batch of lasagna (which will be portioned and frozen, to be taken out as needed), so this is shaping up to be a pretty tasty week!

Hopefully your week is a tasty one as well!

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