The weekend was nice and low-key. An impromptu trip to my parents on Saturday (while Trav had a guys day/night), then a relaxed morning Sunday before meeting Trav for lunch. Monday was a normal day. Today however, oh boy, today more then made up for the laziness of the past few days with its craziness.

After waking with a fever, Gwen earned herself a day home with Mama... which turned into a trip to the doctor's once her breathing became much faster and "harder work." Two nebulizer treatments got her pulsox reading back up to 95, which got us out of the office... but not without a prescrip for prednisone, instructions to use her inhaler (from her last resp infection), orders for benadryl before bedtime, and lots of rest and relaxation. She's been asleep since 7, and I really hope she feels a lot better in the morning after the first dose of prednisone has had a chance to kick in.

My poor baby, I really hate when she's sick.

Tomorrow is Trav's turn for a day of snuggling and reading, snuggling and napping, and snuggling while watching a little too much Disney Jr.! Some soup, homemade popsicles, and hopefully a walk in the Mei Tai should help too.

Fingers crossed for my girl please.

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