Random annoyance:
Thinking of selling my old 3gs, so was going to wipe it clean. Took a look though and realized I have 300+ songs on my old phone and only 100+ on my new one. They are all the mp3s I had on our old computer, which I imported to my old phone, but they aren't on our current computer. Even though I completely backed up my old phone and restored from there, they aren't there. Other then trying to pull out all my old CDs and ripping all the songs again, any suggestions tech savvy friends?

Random laugh:
Recent web search that somehow lead to my blog, "boobs in hockey window"
I daresay they were disappointed when they got here. 


  1. No help at all. I've been in the same place. But, I might be interested in buying. 90 days of good behavior gets Zucchini an ipod or nook (if I can figure out how to not have the internet scare the crap outta this mama.)

    1. It's the iPhone 3gs. Message me on facebook if you are interested.


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