beautiful weekend

Late, picture heavy post. A busy Monday kept me away, but I couldn't not share. It was a beautiful weekend in so many ways.

Beautiful flowers from my two loves.

It started off with a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie...

Everyone of those dots is a bird...
I got out of my car and couldn't believe the racket! Apparently every bird had just arrived in town to herald the warm weather.

Saturday Gwen and I spent the day at my parents. We also made an appt Gwen's first hair trim! My baby!

Sunday we headed out for a full day. First Longwood Gardens for their amazing flower show. The whole conservatory smelled amazing! 

I wanted to bottle the scent!

The grounds were gorgeous too. Already starting to come alive.

After that we headed to a local place for some amazing homemade ice cream. It was Mexican owned, and they had some wonderfully unique flavors. Avocado (dying to try that next time), mango and chile, and the ones I did try:

On the bottom, toasted coconut; on the top, CORN!

We hit up Trader Joe's on the way home, after which Gwen was pretty amped up.  :-)

Due to no nap and a busy day of running around, daylight savings time didn't effect bedtime badly at all.

This morning I tried something new to start off my day... my first green smoothie! 

I had Trav pick up some kale for me, which I mixed with frozen mango, coconut greek yogurt, and spearmint (frozen, from my garden!). A dollop of milk to thin it out, and blend the crap out of it. It was amazingly (beyond my expectations) good!

Tonight ended on a great note too. A visit from Uncle Apoc, whom we hadn't seen in ages. Gwen took right to him!

They do have a history though:

1 week  /  8.5 months

Now, its on to another busy week!

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