working, baking, and forging new paths

Friday I had the unique and lovely experience of finishing off a few projects at once, and therefore leaving the office with an almost empty and very organized desk. That never happens. And since one of them was headache inducingly annoying, it was VERY appreciated. Yesterday my boss worked from home, and today I am working from home. So basically, work has been alright lately.   ;-)

Saturday was busy, but a nice busy. Did my Ridley Creek Clean Up. This month we forged a new trail, and it was fun and rewarding. We had to reroute one section of trail, so we made our way through with axes, saws, loppers, and then a few people brought up the rear with rakes and garbage bags. It was very satisfying since the before and after were so drastic. There wasn't a trail, then when we were done, there was!

After that Gwen and I had some time to kill while Trav napped and before we headed out for our evening activity of Pizza Bingo at her daycare, so we made the Pioneer Woman's Lemon-Rosemary Scones:

Things of note:
1) This was my first time making scones of any kind, so I have a few notes for the next time I make them. And I will make them again, because

2) These are damn delicious. Even thought I should have added a dollop more cream to the mix, and chopped the rosemary finer, they are damn good which is extra impressive since

3) Scones are maybe not the easiest thing to make with a 3 year old. Hence why the rosemary isn't chopped so fine (she was helping me chop, next time we'll use the magic bullet).

But, like I said, these are  damn good and I would definitely make them again.

By the time Gwen and I finished our 20 minute turned 40 minute process of making scones (plus 20 minutes of baking time), it was time to get out the door for the Bingo night. Its a fun fundraising night for Gwen's daycare, and the first time I got to meet some of her new teachers (since Trav does drop off and pick up). We ate pizza, played a few cards and won a few prizes, bought some baked goods, and watched Gwen run around with her friends and love on her teachers. It was a good evening.

Sunday Trav headed to do some work at Willy's while Gwen and I headed to Ro and Pat's new place, which they just closed on this past Friday. They are very excited. I got the grand tour, we ate some lunch there, watched the girls run around like wild children, then headed back to their apartment, where I hung out with the three girls while Ro and another friend made a trip over to the house with packed SUVs and Pat hit up Home De.pot. Gwen and I headed home just in time for dinner and an early bedtime.

All in all, a great weekend.

Yesterday Gwen had her dentist appt, which Trav took her to for the first time. She did great, and her teeth look good. Today Daisy had her vet appt, which I took her to for the first time. She did great, and her health looks good. Lol. She didn't love the giant metal table/scale, but otherwise did really well.

No yoga tonight, since I'm working late tomorrow and neither of us wanted to do 2 nights in a row of me not getting to see Gwen at night. So I'm going to try out the new yoga place I've been meaning to check out on Thursday night, since it starts later and is closer, meaning I'll get to eat dinner with the fam first. As for tonight, this will be the first time in a long time that I get to cook a real meal on my work from home day. Homemade burgers are on the menu.

For now though... back to work!

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