changing plans

Our weekend ended up being completely different then what we had planned, but worked out in the long run.

We were supposed to go to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday to use a gift card Gwen got from a neighbor for her birthday. She was having a super off morning though and ended up losing that trip because she just. could. not. listen. I sent Trav off to get work done at his grandfather's because we all needed a break from each other!

Gwen and I ended up having a really nice lunch together, then we went for a drive and she fell asleep in the car (as I had hoped).

Green grilled cheese for St. Paddy's day weekend!
(Pesto Gouda! So yummy.)

Trav was home after that and in a good mood, so Gwen and Trav played together while I made lemon rosemary chicken thighs, lobster raviolis with homemade lemon cream sauce (made with real cream since I had some leftover from a recipe.... holy yum), and roasted brussels sprouts.

Sunday Gwen slept in until almost 7. Then Trav let me sleep in more. We were supposed to go to hang out with Ro & Pat, but they had too much left to do for their move. Gwen was having a much better morning, so we went to Chuckie Cheese and had a lot of fun playing a million games.

Then we hit up Wayback Burger, since Trav had a gc for it, then back home where I chilled in the car while Gwen slept (again. its the only place she naps for us), and he made the corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes.

Gwen and I went next door to drop off a thank you card, and were invited in to play with the neighbor's granddaughter, who is only a month older then Gwen. They decorated cup cakes and played for a while, until it was time to head home for dinner.

On a super cute note, when we stepped inside, the granddaughter ran over and grabbed Gwen's hand yelling, "I want to have a playdate Gwenie!" So sweet.

Our neighbor Joe came over to corned beef and cabbage with us later, which thrilled Gwen (and Daisy!) to no end.

While not what we were expecting, the weekend ended up being really nice.

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