life and death

Spring is just around the corner. You can feel it in the rain, and see it in the way the trees are starting to stretch and shake off the dreariness of winter. The littlest buds of buds are starting to appear on branches, and the tiniest tips of tips of leaves poke out of my flower bed in the front.

But winter is lingering too. In the cutting chillness to the air, and the way the rain threatens snow still. My heart is stuck on the winter of Caemon's passing. My mama heart can't think about it too much, or it threatens to break. I'm so sad for his family's loss.

Even in that winter though, there are hints of spring. This post in particular, struck me. To treat someone with such dignity in death, is the ultimate way to honor the life that was, and such a beautiful way to mourn with and comfort the family.

I think it is human nature to look for the spring when it is coldest winter. Just to know that it is there somewhere, sometime in the future offers a measure of solace.

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