Honestly, thank goodness for pre-scheduled posts (yesterdays), or this week would just have been full of radio silence. Good blogging fail! But today is a little slower, at least enough that I can pop on here to say Hi before Gwen and Trav come into the city to join me for lunch. Yay! Girl has off for Good Friday, and Trav took the day. It will be a nice Friday interruption.

Last weekend, after I booked our camping trip for this summer (July people, July! because that's when we already had off, but holy hell its going to be hot!), I thought about how poorly things went last year with us all sharing 2 sleeping bags, and decided it was time to get Gwen one of her own. She helped me pick it out, it arrived yesterday, and I'd say it was a hit:

She played in it the whole time Trav and I were getting dinner ready.  


Even ran upstairs to get stuffed animals from her crib to put in it with her. 

Girl is ready to go camping.

I mentioned we firmed up our plans for Cape Cod, but after that they fell apart again and had to be replanned. This is the first time in the 10 years I've been going there that we've had so much trouble working with everyone's schedule. Thankfully, the outcome is pretty great. Trav's aunt isn't leaving the house until Tuesday, so we're driving up to my Aunt's house in New Hampshire on Saturday, visiting there through Monday, then heading down to the Cape Tuesday. We'll have the rest of the week at the Cape. So, all is well that ends well.

And I just got the call that they are almost here for lunch, so off I go!

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