things about 3 that are blowing my mind

Its like Gwen is growing up on fast forward these past few weeks. Here are a few of the things about 3 years old, that are blowing my mind:

- We packed away her booster seat/high chair. She's now just sitting on a regular dining room chair.

- She calls me Mom instead of Mama, or Mommy.  Wah!

- Calls Trav, Dad or Travis! (I guess I shouldn't complain about Mom!) 

- She knows, and enjoys telling us, her full name. Hearing her say "Gwen-ee-vere Mae H*****" is one of the cutest things ever.

- She tells me I look, or things look, cute. She occasionally tells me I can't wear something and will pick a new shirt for me.

- She has conversations with me, like last night, leaning back on one elbow against my lap: "Yeah, it was a quiet day at school, Mom. We just talked about homework, and the letter I." ::shrugs:: "You know, it was quiet."

- She loves to sing.

- She can (sometimes) be reasoned with, and will accept changes that are explained to her!

- She appears to be starting to wean herself. More on that another time.

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