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I think one of my problems is feeling like I need to take all the big steps at the same time, and if I can't (which a lot of the time, you can't!), then I feel stuck. But there are so many small steps, baby steps, that come together to create big steps. I'm going to try to start taking them.

Despite my new found love of yoga, I'm feeling sluggish and my belly is jiggly in a way that doesn't make me happy. I know its my eating habits. Exercise is so important, but your belly is made in the kitchen. So its time for some small steps. Ones that I can work in without it feeling overwhelming. Ones that can become second nature, and last me a lifetime.

Here's what I've come up with so far, and I'd love your ideas for other small steps.

First up:
- I need to up my water intake. So 1 glass of milk in the morning before work, 1 hot drink from the kuerig first thing at work, then water water water for the rest of the work day. A glass of milk with dinner, then once I finish that... water for the rest of the night. (Added bonus, this should save us some milk money!)

- I'm also going to try to add in one serving of veggies a day. I'll grab a bag of mixed greens to eat with my lunches, and I have frozen edamame at work to defrost for an easy snack. Maybe I'll grab some baby carrots to eat with hummus too.

After that (adding one or two at a time):
- Cut out three servings of simple carbs a week. Hummus with carrots instead of crackers, quinoa instead of pasta with dinner, fruit for an evening snack instead of goldfish crackers or cookies. There is three right there!

- Cut way down on my sugar intake. No candy, I just don't need it. One treat a day, not after each meal. Pastries, cookies, cakes, etc - only if I make them myself. Exchange one serving of fruit for a veggie.

- A veggie or two with every meal. Green smoothie (no sweeteners added) for breakfast. Salad with carrots and avocado and radish with lunch. Two veggies with dinner.

- Cut out as much of my use of table sugar as possible. Honey for most sweetening, subs where possible when baking.

- A least one serving of fish a week. No more then one serving of red meat.

What other steps would you recommend? What else do I need to work into or out of my diet? Do you have any special things that you do to keep your eating on track?

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