a little bit of refreshing

Its funny how on the calendar this weekend was the only empty one in sight, but when we actually got to it, it ended up so full. It was good though, and we got a variety of activities to feed our bellies, minds, and souls. A great start to the autumn.

After some running around and jumping through hoops, it looks like Willy's place is finally under contract (knock on wood!), so it was time to move out some furniture. We have until the end of October, but here was a nice free weekend, so it seemed silly to waste it. We were lucky to be taking home his bedroom set, and a few other odds and ends. We've had our current bedroom set since we moved into our house, thanks to Trav's parents. It was so sweet of them to gift us a very nice set that they didn't need anymore... but to be honest, while lovely, it was never really my style. Willy's set is actually much more my speed. Here is the old dresser (not pictured, matching end table which we also switched out, and bed frame which is staying for the moment):

We're keeping the old one, in the basement for now, so that if/when we move to a new place we can use it for a guest bedroom.

But here is the new setup:


I LOVE them. Not only because they are more my style, I have some more drawer room, but also because moving them in gave me the opportunity to rearrange my drawer contents and pull out a large stack of items to give away. Plus I was able to get rid of a lot of stuff that had been cluttering the top of my dresser. It feels good to par down. I was also jazzed up about it enough to sort through all my bags and pull out a handful of those to give away too. Next step, my closet!

Sunday we headed to Linvilla Orchards with Ro, Pat, and the girls for some play time, yummy food, pumpkins, and then apple picking!

We got tons of apples. And what better to do with that then turn it into a crumble?

A slightly non-traditional followup to our yellow curry dinner (found a great authentic yellow curry paste at our natural food store - how could I tell it was authentic? well the directions were in Thai with a sticker of the translated directions underneath... plus my tongue was burning!!), but damn good.

And now I have a happy porch with some pumpkins and a mum.

After dinner we really wanted to get Gwen to bed early. She's finally getting over a cold, but she's been complaining about being tired, or saying that she didn't get any sleep the night before (after 11 hours), so we really wanted to get her down early. Well she found a temporary tattoo that she really wanted to apply, so she was given a choice between that and her normal video (she loves to watch a clip from old mickey mouse cartoons before bed, just 5 or so minutes long). She chose the temporary tattoo, so Mama sweetened the deal with some Sangha Space yoga tattoos!

Despite the look on her face in the picture, she was ecstatic when I showed them to her.

So that was our weekend. Now its back to work, and all the stress and struggle that comes with... but at least I have some good food, and fun decorations to help me keep the happy.

Happy Fall, all! 


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! Sometimes the more spontaneous, busy weekends are way more fun and productive than the planned out crazy ones! Your pumpkins look great too :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Lots of family time is fun! :) That apple crumble looks amazing!!!

  3. I can see that you were really busy this weekend! You were totally productive. I like the new bedroom set by the way. :)


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