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If the first part of our vacation had to be described in one word, it would be Beautiful. Cape Cod is a trip we look forward to every year, but the New Hampshire part was new to us. I had been up to my Aunt and Uncle's once before, years ago, but I would love to visit again. How can you get enough of this:

We took a few little day trips while there. First to North Conway, a cute town close to my A&U's house. It had everything you wanted in a cute New England town. A playground, a general store, some yummy food, and amazing views:

We also went to visit my Uncle at work, where they have the best front door:

And a great view: 

Before heading to Storyland. Gwen is definitely Trav and my child. She loved all the rides... the faster the better!! 

She was super shy around Cinderella!

After that, it was time to head to Cape Cod. So we headed out, making a stop in Mass. to see my work mommy, Bubbie Jan!:

I love that woman so much, it was amazing to see her in her element. She is definitely a New England girl!

The rest of the drive went quickly. Especially with this silly girl in the back seat. 

Despite the chill when we arrived, Gwen couldn't wait to get to the beach. So down we went, while Trav ran out to get some dinner supplies. 

The rest of the vacation was more of the same. Chilly weather, but beach trips, ice cream runs, and short jaunts galore! 

No lunch is complete without a boat ride.

Kite flying at the beach.

Uncle Epie and Aunt Elise got out for a visit too!

Saturday night I took a ride by Boston to drop Ethan and Elise at home, before heading South to visit with some girlfriends. I got to have a wonderful dinner with my some of my favorites, Elise and Brit.

They it was back for our last full day on the Cape: 

Uncle Andy takes Gwen for a spin on the kayak.

Monday, it was time to head out for the LONG drive home. First though, we had to grab an updated version of this picture:

Oh how those babies grow!

Then it was time to hit the road. It took over 8.5 hours to get home, but Gwen surprised us by napping for about 3 of those!

Now its back to work and Preschool(!). Already looking forward to next year's trip!

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  1. I didnt realize you guys had gone to Storyland! We love it there! Love all the wonderful pics.


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