change is in the air

Regardless of what next week will bring (looks like we're back up into the 80s), I'm enjoying the heck out of my long sleeves, jeans, backpack, pumpkin bread, and hot chocolate today. It is a gorgeous fall day.

Currently I'm resisting the urge to pull out all my fall/Halloween decorations until the official start of autumn (Sept. 22); but I'm not resisting the call to eat fall foods. I made biscuits and sausage gravy earlier this week, and pulled out some pumpkin, fennel, and leek soup to thaw for tonight. This weekend I'm totally making a chicken pot pie because I can't resist the craving anymore!

Another thing I'm doing this weekend? Taking the front off of Gwen's crib and turning it into a toddler bed.  ::gulp::  She was so content in her crib that we always figured, why mess with what worked?! But she is really getting so big, and this whole week she has been asking about sleeping in a real bed, since she slept in a single bed at my Aunt and Uncle's, and fell asleep in a single bed every night at Cape Cod (I then transferred her to a pack'n'play before I went to sleep since it was my single bed she was falling asleep in!). I'm feeling a little "Mahhh Bayy-Beee" about the whole thing, but she is so ready. I have high hopes for a easy transition.  ::knocks on wood::

Next project will be turning that toddler bed into a real bed (should be easy with the conversion rails which we already have). But that will need a full weekend, as it will involve buying a new mattress, some new sheets, and rearranging her room. I think it will be a good thing in the long run though, because with some careful planning, that rearranging can put the futon into the office, meaning we can have guests again without having to break out the sleeping bags! Huzzah!

I'm so very glad it is Friday. We still have a bunch of unpacking and straightening to do to recover from vacation, and I'd love to get that done and feel a little more settled. But for now, time to knock out some more work.

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