moving away from treading

I've been having trouble writing this, writing at all for the past few days. Work has been very busy as we move into our most hectic time of year, but it is more then that. I feel like I'm treading water lately, like I'm working very hard to keep myself afloat, and its getting exhausting. I want to move past this. I want to be swimming again, moving forward!

The go go go feel that I have all day at work is combine with a dispassion that make motivation hard to come by. Its hard to shake that all off when I head home, to a house that needs a good shake down/decluttering/deep clean, with a preschooler that is up and down, back and forth, so fast it makes my head spin. She loves school, but I think the cold she has (first of the season, yippee) combine with the changing weather and the lack of sun in the morning is throwing her off. Patience, as always, will get us through that; but it is just adding to my currently feelings of not enough. Not enough time, not enough energy, not enough of me to go around. I'm tired, I'm frustrated, and I'm feeling like somethings have to change.

This weekend is thankfully an "empty" one, with our only plans being a trip for apple picking then baking a pie. I'm hoping the time will help me get on top of some things and regain a sense of control in this hectic life. Clean out some closets, cut down on clutter, vacuum, dust, wash. I also hope to get a little more sleep, and lots of snuggles with my girl.

What do you do when you are just feeling overwhelmed by it all?

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