Sometimes you are exuberant, my love. With joy and fire and passion and sass erupting from you like so many waves of pure energy.

You are the only pick me up I need. Better then any caffeine.

That exuberance can be overwhelming sometimes, exhausting, but I hope you retain it.

Sometimes though, my love, you are reflective. You are calm, quiet, absorbing the very essence of what is around you.

Last night you lay in bed and asked me to stroke your hair. You were quiet, so quiet, just enjoying the moment, the feeling.

Thank you for giving me that balance. 
just write

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  1. Meegs,
    Visiting from Just Write... "better than any caffeine" and "balance" in the same post... Isn't it wonderful when our kids energize AND calm us? Love the pictures, love the words. You definitely treasured a couple of moments.
    Happy Tuesday.
    PS I breastfed my daughter for three years, too - why? Because we both needed it! :)


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