kilts and cabers and beaches and brides

September went out with a bang (uh, can you believe it's over?!). It's like everyone decided that this past weekend was the perfect time to celebrate something. It was a gorgeous weekend, so I guess they were right.

[Oh, little tangent here, because I can't not share... I was profiled over at Attached Moms today. How fun! :-)  I was really excited to play a bit of Q&A with Amanda.]

First off was the Celtic Classic, one of my favorite days of the year!! We got all dolled kilted up and headed out to meet my parents.

We didn't have as long as normal, so I actually missed the caber toss (booooo), but we did catch lots of music, ate some great food, and checked out all the fun merchandise.

Best seat in the house!

This guy's drumming called Gwen like a siren song.

She spent about 10 minutes running up to him, occasionally patting the drum he pushed towards her, then running back to us being shy.

He was the sweetest though. So nice to her. I found out that he has a daughter Gwen's age, so it was no wonder he was a natural with her.

After that, my parents took Gwen and headed down to our place while Trav and I headed to New Jersey for the wedding. It was a beautiful beach ceremony. Very sweet.

The groom was Travis's roommate in college, so we've been good friends for a long time. It was wonderful to celebrate with him.

I have to say, I think Trav looked pretty dashing!

You know, this was one of the best weddings I've been to in a while. It was the perfect combination of friends, two amazing families joining together, lots of great food, lots of silliness, and so much love.

We had a great time.

Sunday was much more low-key (for me at least!), which was nice. Especially since we didn't get home until 1:30am! Trav, Gwen, and Daisy headed out early, since Trav was participating with his company in the March for Babies (for the March for Dimes). He had fun, though he was a tired boy when he got home. I sleep for most of the time they were gone, but at least got some laundry going and some dishes washed before they got back. I gave him a break by taking Gwen out with me to some stores. Then he took her out so I could get some more things done. It was definitely a tired, divide and conquer kind of day!

It was a great weekend, though I can tell you that Monday morning came way too early for any of us!!

Were your weekends busy or low-key?


  1. What a fun outing! You both look great ;)

  2. Love the kilts, and the sunset wedding pictures are gorgeous! Looks like a fun and busy weekend.


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