a million little things

Some weeks there all sorts of great little things that go right, that uplift you and help you power through. Other weeks there are a million little things that go wrong, that individually wouldn't be too bad, but all together make you just want to give up on the week and hide in bed. Last week was unfortunately the latter for me. I burned myself, cut my thumb, scrapped open my burn on a rusty fence (::sigh::); work was overwhelming, I felt pulled in a hundred directions, and I made a honest, but embarrassing mistake on a work project. Then I dropped my apple all down my shirt and pants. Completely forgettable any other week... the straw that broke the camels back last week and sent me from this stinks to I AM DONE WITH THIS WEEK!


Thankfully, it is a new week now, and one that is so far, uneventful. (Fingers crossed, knocks on wood, “pooh, pooh, pooh.”) The weekend was nice. A trip to my parents, some gardening, and a special yoga class for me. My wounds are all finally healing. Now I just need work to settle its roll a little and maybe I can relax.


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