don't believe all the hype

So it's the big, supposedly scary, day! 6-6-6... except not really because no one ever abbreviates 2006 as 6. And I don't think 06-06-06 is nearly as scary.

Now if today started off like yesterday did... what with the puking in Starbuck's bathroom... then maybe I would give it a little more weight. But it didn't and so far the day has been uneventful and fine.

The weekend was nice. We had a "bachelorette party" for Megan who is getting married in about a month. It wasn't your typical bachelorette, but it was fun, laid back, and just a great evening with the girls. Perfect for Megan. I also babysat on Sunday, and poor Travis worked from 6am to 1pm. Urg. At least all of the new stuff has now been washed and mostly put away, even the towels. This weekend should be pretty laid back... and the week is looking pretty uneventful, except for hopefully having Brian & Stacey over for dinner on Thursday.

Last night was quiet. I'm enjoying the slightly cooler weather... I thought I might be creative too. But I ended up hating what I made and cutting it in half. I would have taken a good picture and posted it here, but i just took a half-assed shot, because as I said, I hated it!

Here it is, in all its loathed "Self-Portrait" glory.

Well, plenty to do... the boss-man gave me some big projects to finish up. None are really hard, but all are a pain in the butt!!

PS. Of course, I didn't forget.... a HUGE birthday shout out to my best friend, my babwa... Heather. She turned a whopping 23 years old yesterday. Happy Birthday Babs!!! Love you!


  1. Are you pregnant?
    Are you sure?

  2. Um, bah!
    Just got done with my lady friend, so I think I'm good to go. Add that to the fact that in the past few days since I switched taking my vitamin to the evening with a full meal vs. in the morning with a breakfast shake only I've had no nauseau... I think the mystery is solved.


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