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Morning and happy friday. I'm going to try and actually post this within a half hour or so of when I start writing it, but we'll see how that works out. Sometimes its just so easy to get distracted, but I suppose since I'm writing this from work that isn't necessarily a bad thing since I should probably be concentrating on work stuff anyway!! Well, I have lots to do, but the boss is out for the morning because of Shavuot. He'll be in this afternoon, but things are pretty quiet right now and I'm enjoying his absence and the Enya I'm chilling to.

I still can't believe that it is really June, which I consider the "real summer". When I was a child, June meant getting out of school and starting summer vacation. I LOVED summer vacation. As much fun as school could occationally be, and as fun as it was to see friends everyday... who didn't love those three months of carefree days, staying up later at night, and swimming?! Heather and I did SO much swimming, we were like fish. She had an inground pool at her parents house, and I would go over there every weekday during the summer, giving my dad time to get things done and take care of my brother. We would play barbies for a bit in the morning, or read, or watch some TV... but sooner rather then later, we would always throw on our suits and end up in the pool. And we would swim all day... literally only taking breaks for lunch and a mid-afternoon snack, and maybe some lounging by the pool and reading if we got tired. Days that rained were so disappointing... we were out of the water, out of our summer element (although I have always loved a good thunderstorm, and the best ones always come in the summer). Those were the best days.

Now obviously, the summer isn't quite the same. No months off... things don't really change that much. Except that the days are longer and it definitely feels like you have more time for fun since it is actually light out when you get home. Those short days during the winter get to me after a while. I still love summer... even though I don't really handle the heat that great, but I can get outside, and there is plenty to look forward to: my birthday, the Cape, and I did go swimming with Ro this past weekend (something I hope to do a little more often). Either way, I'm definitely happy the summer is here. I hope you're all as excited for it as I am.


On a completely unrelated note: Every morning, my routine is to check my work email and my personal email, take care of the important things, then run through my list of blogs that I read. It relaxes me a bit, entertains me, and helps me ease into my day. One of my favorites is Expiration Date, which I randomly found and enjoyed, and then realized to my surprise (since she was born in Indonesia and is living in Singapore) that she attended Lehigh!

Anyway, I was reading up on Thalia this morning and want to point you in her direction. I don't know why this post got to me the way that it did... but I almost cried, which is maybe not the way I wanted to start my work day!! But it was a sad post and made me think about the fragility of life and how you never know what it might throw at you. So check it out.

Lol, so maybe I'm enjoying this no boss thing a little too much:
I had a little too much fun making "tickers"... lol. So here are ones for our birthdays:


baby development

And here's one for our friend Espo...
(pictured here on her wedding day almost two years ago),
who just announced that she is pregnant!!


We are so excited for her and I can't wait to see her, big belly and all, at our wedding! She is due Nov. 26th... so a Turkey baby!! :-)

Okay, now it is really time to work... and look, I'm posting in the morning!! Happy Friday!

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