four months

Four months to go, and I feel like it will never get here!!
However, Megan & Mike's wedding is only 3 weeks and 3 days away... so I'll live through them for the time being! :-)

Everyone head over to Poop & Boogies and check out the newest eddition to their family, Wyatt Blue. Congratulations to William and Lauren, and big brother, Maxfield!! Wyatt is adorable.

So tonight Trav is having an eye exam and getting some new glasses. And we're helping friends, either tonight or tomorrow, move some of their furniture into our basement for storage for a few months. We might try to set it up like a little room, but it depends on how everything fits. So it looks like we'll be keeping busy and getting some exercise in the next few days.

Today I'm just so distracted. I'm having trouble concentrating on work, or even on writing this. I'm off in another place right now and I don't know where or why. I might try heading out for a walk to zone out for a little and try to refocus. It looks gorgeous out anyway.

Okay, I'm going to try that... chow!

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  1. I've never witnessed someone so eager to tie the knot.

    For me it was a formality. Much like you guys, we were already living together and had pets and such. I suppose I already felt married.

    It was a helluva party though. I'm glad we did it.


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